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Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 3GHz review

Intel's much anticipated processor puts on a stunning a price

Awfully fast but painfully pricey. Q9550 is much better value

Our Verdict

Despite some amazing sounding specs, this is just too expensive


  • Stunning performance
  • Very fast


  • Similarly powerful Q9550 is a third of the price

If you want the finest PC processor money can buy, look no further than Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX9770. Or at least that would be true if you could actually buy it, which is still not possible as we write. Intel has been wowing the press for many months with samples. A full retail launch is long overdue.

Pricey but worth it?

Assuming it is available by the time you read these words, can it possibly be worth over £800? Thanks to a higher 3,2GHz core clockspeed and a uniquely quick 1,600MHz bus frequency, it's clearly the fastest stock-clocked processor on the planet.

The boosted core voltage also makes it easier to hit really high overclocked numbers. But overall, the end user experience is essentially the same as the Q9550 - a model that costs one third the price. Nuff said.