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Billed as the perfect compact camera for travel by Fujifilm, the F550 EXR offers very good image quality, even at moderately high sensitivities and a level of creative flexibility normally only found in higher priced cameras.

Advanced users will love the ability to take control of exposures, and the ability to shoot Raw files. However photographers who prefer to point and shoot may find the wayward exposures under certain conditions, plus the odd niggle with handling, start-up speed and the camera's ability to focus reliably over long distances at the telephoto end of the zoom range a little frustrating.

Despite its flaws, this camera offers a lot of useful features for the money and it may suit those after a well specified camera for travel at a reasonable price, just as Fujifilm intended.

We liked

A great range of features such as GPS, high sensitivity and a very useful zoom range, for a very reasonable price.

We disliked

Slow start-up time, general handling niggles and unreliable autofocus at maximum zoom may cause frustration.