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Burn4Free DVD Copy review

A fatally flawed burner that kills its own great potential

Our Verdict

If you can turn a blind eye to the seemingly endless stream of advertising, this is actually a half-decent tool. If, that is.


  • Burns CD, DVDs and ISOs
  • Multi-lingual
  • It's free


  • Lots of advertising
  • Awful, sneaky installer
  • Confusing, cluttered interface

The Burn4Free DVD Copy installer uses an irritating download manager which tries to install a couple of unwanted extras, but they are optional if you keep your eyes open.

Burn4Free DVD Copy

Where to download:

Type: DVD burning software

Developer: Sakysoft

Operating system: Windows, Mac

Version: 2017

There's plenty to dislike about Burn4Free DVD Copy (see below), but as a basic burning tool, it is at least functional. There are no fancy extras here whatsoever, but you can burn data CDs, DVDs and audio CDs, and work with ISOs.

You can create discs in one of two ways. The first option is to use the 'Add' button to browse files on your hard drive and add them to a disc, while the second is to activate the fly window. This is a floating panel, onto which you can drag and drop files while hiding the main program window. It's particularly handy if you want to work with files from a number of locations, because it allows for far easier navigation. 

As you're building up file on a disc, Burn4Free DVD Copy provides a percentage bar that fills up showing you not only how much space you're using on the current disc, but what percentage of different sized media. It's a little thing, but a nice touch.

Working with Burn4Free, however, is simply not a nice experience.

User experience

In use, it's very hard to avoid the ads that plague Burn4Free. Forget the ads and adware that blight the installer, there are endless advertisements in the program itself. Fire up the program and you're prompted to upgrade your burner firmware by downloading another program, and to download DVD Ripper. Just about every entry in the Tools menu, as well as the eight buttons in the central toolbar are links to download additional software from the same company – and it's all too easy to click these by accident.

In terms of functionality, Burn4Free is fine, but the ads plastered everywhere make using it a deeply unpleasant experience.

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