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Inverto IDL 3000-T review

Can this new brand challenge the class leaders?

Our Verdict

Good, but not pushing any boundaries


  • Good connectivity

    Clear menus

    Good images


  • Basic spec for the price

Inverto is a new brand from European-based digital and satellite TV specialists FTA. The IDL 3000T is its flagship Freeview set-top box, though the company has also recently released an integrated PVR model, the IDL 7000T.

This set-top box is chunky, but it has a handy channel display and simple control buttons on the front, which are useful for digital radio-only use.

To accompany this, there are phonos for analogue audio output at the back, plus two Scarts, one with RGB for TVs or suitable DVD recorders. The second Scart outputs for VCRs (composite video only).

There's also an alternative 12V DC mains socket for mobile homes. You can also loop the aerial through the receiver and on to your TV, with or without the box's Freeview channel output.

The onscreen menu is clear and simple to navigate but this is spoiled by the remote control, with its pinhead sized buttons and almost microscopic labelling.

The IDL 3000-T includes a full 14-day electronic programme guide (updated daily) and you can store programme timers and personal reminders.

The box is not Top Up TV compatible, though these channels do appear in the guide. You can't edit the list, but you can choose favourites for quick listings browsing while watching TV.

The tuner captures the full range of channels and should perform well in fringe reception areas, though its lack of a signal strength meter makes it hard to know what to expect.

We have no complaints about the audio or visual quality. Its images are bright, colourful and detailed, though it can't rescue the picture of highly compressed channels.

Overall, it's a fairly well connected digibox with a good EPG, but for the price it ought to have frills such as digital audio out, a pay-TV module slot, a screen saver for radio stations and an editable channel list.