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Contactless payment limit will jump to £30 this year

Contactless payment limit to jump to £30 this September
Look mum, no pin!

Ever had that embarrassing moment of tapping your card on the reader only for the contactless technology not to work, and then realised that your total is £21.39?

The £20 limit on contactless transactions has some obvious advantages, but it does limit day-to-day use and thus the UK Cards Association has decided to do something about it.

From September 2015 the limit for contactless payments will be raised from £20 to £30.

The main driving force behind the rise is the increased usage of the pin-free technology, with transactions tripling between 2013 and 2014 - with the technology now part of the mainstream according to the UK Cards Association.

So whether it's paying for a bus ride in London or grabbing a coffee in Leeds, you'll be able to splurge even more without the need for a pin from September.