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Yahoo brings out new email addresses

Yahoo mail is set to grow
Yahoo mail is set to grow

Yahoo has realised it has a problem: it's the most popular web-based email service, but it's running out of domain names.

So, in a stroke of pure genius that must have taken over 17 'creative' lunches to think up, it is launching two more domain names: and

Some of you may remember the service; Yahoo bought it in 1997, and by bringing it back the company is creating a "hip retro feel", according to Yahoo Mail Vice President John Kremer.

Happy mailers

"A happy user is one that stays around and is a Yahoo user for life," Kremer said.

"If you have an email address that is your name at ymail that becomes part of your identity."

But don't worry if you fail to register, as Kremer also hinted there would be more domains available in the future based on Yahoo's other companies.