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The Huawei Watch is now available for discerning UK buyers

Huawei Watch On Sale in the UK
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After being unveiled back in March, the much-anticipated Huawei Watch has finally hit British stores, with prices starting at £289.

The Android Wear-powered smartwatch is one of the most luxurious available, with a high-resolution 1.4-inch AMOLED screen, a speedy processor, and high-quality materials.

While prices start at £289 for the entry-level model with a leather strap, those with more expensive tastes can opt for either the stainless steel link or mesh models, which cost between £329 and £369.

If that's still too cheap for you there's also a rose gold model, which carries a price tag of £599.

Huawei Watch Design Options

That's expensive for a smartwatch – on a similar level to the Apple Watch – but as we acknowledged in our review it's also the most premium Android Wear device we've tested.

The Huawei Watch is available from Selfridges, Google Play Store and vMall.