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The latest Battlefield V trailer may have given us a glimpse of battle royale mode

EA DICE has dropped a hefty new Battlefield V trailer – just days before Gamescom – and it seems to give us a brief sneak peek at what we can expect from Battlefield Royale.

The Battlefield V Gamescom trailer, titled Devastation of Rotterdam, primarily gives us a look at new gameplay and stunning maps. We see explosive combat on the war-torn streets of Rotterdam and the sandy dunes of North Africa. However, it’s the trailer’s final 30 seconds that are particularly interesting for Battle Royale fans.

You can check out the Gamescom trailer below:

What does it tell us?

Aerial shots show a large ring of fire closing in on an inner circle of map, while a soldier runs from a tank. This looks suspiciously like Battle Royale mode, with the ring of fire comparable to the storm in Fortnite or PUBG’s electrical field, forcing players to engage in an increasingly smaller area. 

Battlefield Royale

This is the first we’ve seen or heard about Battlefield V’s Battle Royale mode since EA DICE announced it at E3 2018. We may not know much, but it appears combat vehicles will be involved - which is something we haven’t seen from previous Battle Royales.

Battlefield V will release on October 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.