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Is Sky coming to the Xbox 360?

Sky TV on you Xbox, anyone?
Sky TV on you Xbox, anyone?

Some of Sky's premium channels could be coming to an Xbox 360 near you, if reports are to be believed.

The satellite broadcaster is rumoured to be linking up with Microsoft, which will see Sky branded content available on the Xbox Live service.

The news has been broken by Rapid TV News, but it is still unconfirmed whether any sort of partnership will actually take place.

Launch imminent

What we do know is that Microsoft is to announce something Thursday 28 May, which it has teased is a "very special partnership, sure to keep TV fans glued to Xbox Live."

Currently, Xbox Live has yet to delve into TV. It does, however, have a solid movie download service in partnership with the likes of Warner Bros, Pathe, Paramount, MGM Studios and Universal Studios.

Microsoft also announced the arrival of Zune HD on the Xbox Live service this week, which will offer an enhanced video service that is set to "change the way people think about entertainment" (Microsoft's words).

TechRadar has contacted both Microsoft and Sky about the alleged link-up and are awaiting a response. As always, we will keep you posted.

Via Rapid TV News