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An HBO Now price drop isn't off the table, survey suggests


What do users of HBO Now and former New York City mayoral candidate Jimmy McMillan have in common? They think the price of a monthly subscription is just too damn high.

In response to that growing concern of price, HBO is apparently considering lowering the $15/month service to around $10 (about £6.50, AU$13) or $8.33 (about £5.40, AU$11) if they follow through on a survey sent to users who chose not to subscribe after their seven-day free trial ended.

HBO Now survey

The survey, discovered by Cut Cable Today, asks users if they would be more likely to continue the service is the service was dropped down to $10 a month with a three- or six-month commitment.

The rub is that the reduced price may only be available as a one-time deal and only made available to users who have taken advantage of the seven-day trial and chose not to continue at the higher price point.

A representative from HBO told TechCrunch, "HBO Research conducts surveys all the time on a wide range of topics. The questions should never be interpreted as suggesting a strategic direction."

While nothing is set in stone, the move could level the playing field against the service's biggest competitors, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

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