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Sigh: Intel's next top-tier processors could be 14nm again

Intel Cascade Lake
Image Credit: TechRadar (Image credit: Mike Moore)
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Intel is forging ahead with 10nm Ice Lake and Lakefield processors, but the company might not be done with 14nm CPUs just yet.

Apparently, Intel intends to release Cascade Lake (LGA 3647) processors in April and Cascade Lake-X (LGA 2066) at Computex 2019 according to an informed forum poster on the Chiphell boards. The former will purportedly be the next iteration of Xeon chips and the latter may shake out to become the successor to Intel's current line of high-end desktop chips, Basin Falls Refresh.

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This all sounds par for the course for Intel, and these CPU architectures have been rumored time and time again. What’s more, Intel itself announced that it has began shipping its next-generation Intel Xeon processors, code-named “Cascade Lake,” at the tail end of 2018 and was aiming for broad availability by the first half of this year.

So these rumors are at least half right so far. We’re a bit disappointed that the report suggests Cascade Lake-X will stick to a 14nm++ process, but at the very least it’s an extremely mature process, which should allow for some extremely fast clock speeds.

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Kevin Lee

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