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This PS4 Pro deal is just £249 ahead of Boxing Day sales

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PS4 Pro deals are already seeing some fantastic price cuts in the Boxing Day sales, so if you've been holding off on the boosted PS4 console, or if you're after a last-minute gift, now is the best time to take the leap. Currys, AO, and Amazon all have PS4 Pro deals running at the moment, ranging from £249 up to £269 depending on the game of your choice. Not only are these fantastic prices for Boxing Day sales by themselves, but taking that £349 launch price and the fact that you're getting a brand new game in these PS4 Pro bundles into account and you've bagged yourself a winning deal. 

The PS4 Pro is the mid-generational refresh of the PS4 console family. Introduced in 2016 to offer a step up from the standard gaming of the original console, the Pro delivers crystal clear 4K gaming both natively with select titles and upscaled. Your games will look immeasurably better on the Pro, with one of its main selling points being this updated 4K output, as well as smaller improvements to the way visual effects and distances display on your screen. The PS4 Pro is an amazingly powerful console, but it's in these visual enhancements that you really see your money working. 

This PS4 Pro deal is a monster of a saving. Whereas we typically see bundles like this retailing at around the launch price of the console, you're saving an amazing £100 and picking up some great games to boot. While more recent games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, FIFA 20, and Death Stranding will save you the most cash this week, the overall cost of the console at the moment means it's perfectly acceptable to pick up some cheaper bundled games if those don't take your fancy. 

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The best PS4 Pro deals live today

PS4 Pro | FIFA 20 | £249 at Currys
This PS4 Pro bundle is down to just £249 at Currys - a fantastic saving well ahead of the Boxing Day sales. If you're more football inclined, we'd grab this offer, but there are other games available at the same price below. You can even pick up the same bundle with an extra controller thrown in free for £279.
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PS4 Pro 1TB | Death Stranding | £249 at Currys
Currys have stock of their PS4 Pro bundle with Death Stranding back in stock just in time for early Boxing Day sales. That means you can pick up Sony's most powerful console with one of 2019's biggest games for far less this week.
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PS4 Pro 1TB | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | £349 £269 at AO
This PS4 Pro deal has been in and out of stock since these early Boxing Day sales began, but you can still pick it up for £269 at AO. You're getting the latest Call of Duty game in here for far less than the original asking price.

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