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Intel loses AMD anti-trust emails

It's all about silicon: AMD and Intel are heading to court

In a preamble to their future anti-trust legal battle against Intel , AMD appears to have hit a bit of a snag. Intel is supposed to be turning over certain documents to them before the duo do legal battle. Trouble is, it appears it has lost some of the emails after "a number of inadvertent mistakes."

That's according to an official legal submission filed yesterday. AMD said Intel's revelation demonstrates "a combination of gross communication failures, an ill-conceived plan of document retention and lacklustre oversight." Ouch.

The lawsuit has been rumbling on for almost two years since it was first filed in mid-2005. The subject matter is far-ranging, claiming that Intel made customers sign exclusive deals to use its silicon exclusively.

Unbelievably, the trial isn't supposed to start until April 27 2009, but the pair are swapping millions of documents as part of the legal process to prepare their legal teams.