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New Schneider Micro Four Thirds lenses to be announced tomorrow?

Panasonic GF5
Will there soon be a new set of ultra high quality optics for Micro Four Thirds cameras?

After joining the Micro Four Thirds standard back in 2011, it seems the first set of optics may be announced soon.

The German manufacturer is known for the high quality of its lenses, supplying optics for a number of different brands, including Samsung cameras and LG mobile phones.

It was initially rumoured that the company would re-engineer its series of Cine lenses, which have won various awards for their technology, to fit a Micro Four Thirds mount. However, it is now thought that the lenses will feature a completely new design.


There is very little known about the specs of the new lenses, but it is thought there will be more than one, and one will be a Super Angulon wide angle lens.

Micro Four Thirds cameras currently have the widest range of lenses available in the compact system camera market. Panasonic and Olympus manufacture their own lenses, but third party manufacturers including Sigma are introducing more and more optics for the format.

There's been no word on whether Schneider Kreuznach will manufacture lenses for other compact system camera mounts, such as the Sony E-mount for NEX or the Samsung NX mount.

Stay tuned tomorrow for any announcements.

via 43rumors