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Lomo launches new 'sardine can' camera

New super-wideangle Lomo camera revealed
Lomo's new La Sardina range comes in four designs.

Lomographers have a new camera at their disposal.

Lomography today announced the launch of its new pocket-size, super-wideangle Lomo camera, La Sardina.

Its design inspired by a can of sardines, La Sardina features a 22mm wideangle lens and uses 35mm film.

Also introduced with La Sardina is Lomo's most powerful flash to date, featuring three flash power settings to allow for shooting in low-light conditions.

Lomo's La Sardina comes in four designs (with 1000 more to come, Lomography claims): the bright red El Capitan, blue and red Fischer's Fritze, the green Marathon and navy blue Sea Pride.

El Capitan and Fischer's Fritze both come equipeed with the new Lomo flash, while Marathon and Sea Pride do not.

El Capitan and Fischer's Fritze also come pacakged with yellow, red and blue filters.

The Lomo La Sardina full technical details include:

Film Type: Standard 135 roll film
Exposure area: 36 x 24mm
Lens focal length: 22 mm
Aperture: 1:8
Angle of view: 88 degrees
Focusing range: 0.6m - infinity
Shutter speed: N (1/100), B (bulb)
Multiple exposure: independent MX switch
Flash contact: Unique Sardina flash contact
Flash Sync: first curtain X-type synchronization
Tripod socket thread: Standard _" tripod socket
Cable release: Universal cable release socket