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Color Confidence launches new ColorMunki packages

Color Confidence
New packages from Color Confidence are available

Color Confidence has announced two new monitor calibration packages, the Color Confidence Studio Photo and Color Confidence Studio View.

The all-in-one package is designed to offer more than just screen calibration. Each product is built around the new ColorMunki display and each includes additional extras at a discount to provide value for money for users.

Color Confidence Studio Photo is designed for photographers and includes the X-Rite ColorMunki Display, an industry leading monitor calibration device, a Kodak Colour Management Check Up Kit, a visual check of on-screen and print accuracy using images with difficult to achieve colours and the Color Confidence Total Balance, a durable foldaway grey card for ensuring accurate capture, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Digital workflow

The Colour Confidence Studio View is for anyone working with digital images and includes the X-Rite ColorMunki display, a PChOOD Monitor Hood Pro, a universal monitor hood suitable for 15-26 inch screens for providing an optimised and accurate working environment and the Color Confidence GrafiLite, a portable A4 sized light designed for accurate assessment of prints.

Both the packages are available for order immediately and will be shipped out from 12th December. The Colour Confidence Studio Photo UK price is £155 (ex. VAT), which represents a saving of 10% on purchasing three items individually. The Colour Confidence Studio View UK price is £199 (ex. VAT), which is a saving of 12%.