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Today's Facebook 'would have been an app'

Today's Facebook "would have been an app"
Today's Facebook "would have been an app"

If Facebook has been built today it would have been a mobile app rather than a website, according to the company's CTO Bret Taylor.

Facebook established itself online, but the rise of mobile devices has seen the social network embrace the brave new world and Facebook apps are among the most downloaded on the planet.

According to the Telegraph Taylor said: "Facebook would have been a mobile application if the technology had been available when Mark Zuckerberg was building it in his dorm room."

Meteoric rise

Facebook is not the first to talk about the increased role of the mobile device in our everyday connected lives.

Google has been clear in its stance on mobile, and Apple's Steve Jobs famously talked up the post-PC world as he oversaw the meteoric rise of the iPad.

"[Mobile] devices are the best devices for Facebook," added Taylor. "Now all the things that were already popular are much easier, from photosharing to posting a status update.

"Over time it's pretty reasonable to expect that there will be a lot of things that are possible that just aren't possible on laptops."

Via Telegraph