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Sony Ericsson Kurara set for April UK release

Sony Ericsson's Kurara getting UK release
Sony Ericsson's Kurara getting UK release

Sony Ericsson's Kurara - the sequel to the 12MP Satio - will be debuting in the UK in April.

Sources close to the matter, who wish to remain anonymous, have stated that the phone will have a strong focus on HD video rather than photography, giving it a different angle to the Satio.

We've seen in previous spy shots that the Kurara, which will also be known as the U5/U5i, will be running Symbian, much like the Satio, and feature a full touchscreen.

It will also apparently have an 8MP camera, and some reports have suggested that it will be packing an HD-output as well, so you can show off to all your friends how well you can record someone falling off their bike.

Little sister

And another tasty bit of rumour fodder has emerged - not only will Sony Ericsson be announcing the Kurara imminently (probably at MWC in Barcelona) but it will be joined by a QWERTY-keyboard version - the Kanna (or U8i).

It will also feature 720p video recording, an 8.1MP camera and have a smaller 3.2-inch display, according to GSM Arena.

Another question is whether these Symbian phones will be getting the UX overlay, first seen on the Xperia X10 Android phone, given the similarity between the model numbers and the name of the software - it would make sense as Sony Ericsson is looking to push the platform out to more handsets beyond the X10.

Anyway, we're excited to see what Sony Ericsson comes up with at MWC, especially as the Xperia X10 should be launched in the next month or so too.