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iTunes comes to Android with doubleTwist

Android gets its own taste of doubleTwist
Android gets its own taste of doubleTwist

One of the more popular media players, doubleTwist, has appeared as an official Android native player to offer a bridge to iTunes.

While users have been able to synchronise songs from their iTunes media player simply by dragging and dropping, the more intricate things like playlist transfer have been lacking.

The new application from doubleTwist aims to change this, by not only offering playlist support, but the other cool things you take from iTunes, like ratings and playcounts used to make more intuitive song choices.

Coming soon

Video and audio podcasts are also included, but doubleTwist has announced it will be adding in other features, such as a widget for the home screen.

There are of course other applications on the Android Market that allow you to do the same thing to a degree, but the addition of doubleTwist show that the larger players are now starting to see Android as a viable smartphone platform too.

If you want to check it out, search the App Market or head on over to doubleTwist's own application store and see it for yourself.