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Intel: 'Nokia partnership was a mistake'

Intel Medfield chips will be in smartphones in early 2012

Intel has blamed its ill-fated partnership with Nokia as the reason for delays in bringing its long-promised processors for smartphones.

CEO Paul Otellini called the MeeGo tie-in a mistake, and that the company would have been better-off choosing a different partner.

"In hindsight, Nokia was the wrong partner to have picked," said the Intel boss.

Medfield chips

The CEO's comments came as he promised investors that smartphones bearing the new Medfield chips will be available early next year.

"You'll see the first Intel-based phones in the first part of next year," Otellini added, before going onto say that "phones shipping in the market from major players" from the get-go.

Intel had first told the world that handsets would offer the 32nm, smaller, more powerful and more efficient chips by 2011 but the MeeGo melee has delayed things somewhat.

With the dual-core revolution now taking hold, Intel will have plenty of competition when the handsets finally come to market in 2012.