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BlackBerry Storm 2 pictures leak out

BlackBerry Storm 2 gets its first (unofficial) outing
BlackBerry Storm 2 gets its first (unofficial) outing

The original BlackBerry Storm debuted to some glowing reviews when it was first released back in November of last year, with some hailing it as an 'iPhone killer'.

That is until for Stephen Fry came along to lay the smackdown on the device, calling it "embarrassingly awful" via Twitter.

Well, its maker RIM has gone back to the drawing board (or should that be 'Black' board?) and has managed to get hold of some spy shots of the latest iteration of the phone.

New touchscreen

A new feature of note seem to be that the BlackBerry Storm 2 will have more touchscreen capabilities than its predecessor, with RIM lopping off real buttons at the bottom of the original phone in favour of integrating them into the screen.

Crackberry also points out that the device seems to be slimmer and now includes Wi-Fi.

It sounds as if the screen has got a makeover too, utilising something called TruePress. Hopefully this means that it won't have that same click feeling, as all that did was cheapen what was an innovative handset.

It does seem that RIM isn't interested in changing the Storm's camera, as the 3.2MP sensor seems to have stayed the same.

Via CrackBerry