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Android G2 mobile phone specs leaked?

More of the same or just pointless tittle-tattle?

With the drive towards constant one-upmanship in the gadget arena seemingly unstoppable these days, we shouldn't be shocked that specs for an Android phone to replace the G1 seem to have leaked, but we really are.

The so-called G2 is being touted as another T-Mobile handset in the US, where the gossip seems to originate, and looks to be pinned on for an April launch.

Slight upgrade

The Boy Genius Report website says the key difference will be the absence of a physical keyboard, with the virtual variety on the touchscreen covering those bases.

Otherwise, the G2 looks like a tweaked G1, with the same trackball and –presumably – much of the same software, since that's the point of the Android device, after all.

If all that isn't overkill enough for you, then read on and we'll tell you all about the G3. Wait, on second thoughts…