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OnePlus 8 Pro case leak supports extra camera rumors

OnePlus 7T Pro
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Another leak for the OnePlus 8 Pro reveals alleged photos of a case for the phone that supports prior rumors of extra sensors on the rear camera suite – most likely, a time-of-flight sensor to measure depth of field. 

These case photos, first posted on Weibo, show a vertical oval that should fit a rear camera block that looks a lot like that of the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7T Pro phones, but there’s an extra smaller cutout beside it that could be making room for the aforementioned sensors.

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(Image credit: Weibo)

It’s unclear if this alleged case is for just the OnePlus 8 Pro or if it will fit the standard OnePlus 8 as well, which is another way of saying we don’t know how its rear camera block will look. While the OnePlus 7 just had a shortened vertical oval without the ultrawide or telephoto lenses, the OnePlus 7T included them, but in a circular camera bump.

This case supports the assertions made by previous leaks showing the OnePlus 8’s supposed design, from sketches to renders, in another way: it doesn’t have a pop-up selfie camera, which was the norm in the 7 Pro and 7T Pro. Instead, prior renders suggest the OnePlus 8 and/or OnePlus 8 Pro will pack a front-facing camera in a punch-hole instead, though there’s no way for this case leak to help prove that.

Via PhoneArena

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