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BT: The high street has to be our hotspot focus

BT: The high street has to be our hotspot focus
BT: seamless connectivity is a key goal

BT has explained why it is focused on bringing more Wi-Fi hotspots the high street rather than into high profile venues - insisting that breadth is the most important thing for its customers.

With its homehub Wi-Fi hotspot system, BT can boast 5.3 million hotspots in the UK but, despite some high profile high-density experiments, it is the high street that is the priority for expansion.

Senior propositions manager at BT, Matthew Hughes told TechRadar that despite our big entertainment venues capturing big attention for connectivity, they cannot be a priority just yet.

"I guess a good case study we did last year was the Olympics last year - I was involved in the main press bit, which was very interesting and we deployed high-density WiFi which worked very well," explained Hughes.


"But in terms of the future I guess it's something that we will look at over the coming year. In the shorter term the priority is enhancing the experience for our broadband customers and you can do that a lot better on the high street than in places like a football stadium," he added.

"That's for a couple of reasons - not everyone will visit those stadiums and secondly you are only there for 90 minutes every two weeks whereas you are in Starbucks once or twice a day.

"I guess it's how can we give the best coverage and the high street is the best place alongside our home network."

BT has recently rolled out an improved iOS app for customers that allows for automatic connection to its WiFi hotspots and is currently working on a Windows 8.1 app for laptops.