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The new iPad generation is pensioners

UK tablet use almost doubles inside a year
This isn't a steering wheel!

The number of adults using tablets to go online has almost doubled in a year with 30% of UK adults using the devices.

Ofcom's Adults' Media Use and Attitudes Report - an annual stats-fest - says that only 16% of adults used a tablet in the UK in 2012, but that rose hugely in 2013's figures.

This figure is in line with the latest BBC iPlayer stats, which show that 29% of its requests now come from tablet - the same number as from PCs.

Silver surfers

Interestingly, one of the biggest growth areas for tablets is among the 65-74 range, which has grown from 5% to 17% in a year.

Smartphone use was also on the up in 2013 - with six in ten adults now opting for connected phones, up 8% on the year before.

And the stats don't stop there, with Ofcom revealing that 55% of us use our phones for emails and social networks, and three in ten use Skype or Facetime-like services to video chat.

But TV on the go is not quite at the same level: just one in five people have watched a TV programme on their phone.