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Intel unveils new Linux OS for netbooks

Netbook PC
Moblin is designed to keep netbooks running better for longer

Intel isn't exactly known for its dalliances with operating system software beyond that belonging to Microsoft, so it's a pleasant surprise to find out that its first Linux OS is ready and raring to go. Almost.

The company's Moblin project has borne fruit about a year and a half after it began, with the introduction of the first alpha release of the open-source OS based on Linux.

Easy on the battery

Moblin's raison d'être is to provide an OS that runs well on low-power, low-cost platforms like netbooks and other portable devices. Anyone who's struggled with Windows on a netbook will sympathise with that ideal.

As you might expect, Moblin is being developed to run first on Intel Atom-powered machines – the first confirmed to be able to handle the alpha are the Dell Mini and Acer Aspire One.

The project website says that Eee PCs can also run Moblin, but that there are teething problems with the wireless networking. After the next round of testing, we can expect to see Moblin for Core 2 CPUs and other processors in the near future.