Leaked Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti benchmarks hint at budget 1080p bruiser


Those of you looking for an affordable graphics card with some  genuine punch when it comes to 1080p gaming will be heartened by a new  set of leaked benchmarks for Nvidia’s incoming GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

We  should see the base 1050 and the peppier Ti model arrive before the  month of October is out, with the latter having 768 CUDA cores, running  at a clock speed of 1318MHz with boost to 1392MHz.

According  to the leak, which was documented by WCCFtech, the 1050 Ti boasts some  great overclocking potential, with the person who got to play with the  card claiming to be able to overclock up to 1797MHz straight out of the  box.

Ferocious Firestrike

And  the leaked benchmarks make for impressive reading – note that these  weren’t tested at the latter huge overclocked speed, but at the factory  default boost. In 3DMark’s Firestrike Ultra, the 1050 Ti hit 1,895  points, and in the new DX12 benchmark Time Spy the card racked up a  score of 2,513.

We have to remember that there  is a possibility these leaked figures could have been cooked up, but  they look to be on the level, and assuming that’s the case, the GTX 1050  Ti outdoes the vast majority of the results you’ll see with the GTX 960  (which generally speaking pitches around the 1,500 level or a bit  better, and it’s a card that can cope nicely with gaming at full HD  resolution).

You’ll get that power for a  rumored $150 (around £120, AU$200) price tag, which will make this video  card a very tempting budget proposition for 1080p gamers. So, it just  remains a case of keeping your fingers crossed that all this speculation  comes to fruition.