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Zuckerberg denies Facebook's revolutionary role

Mark Zuckerberg backs away from revolutionary superhero status

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has played down the role the site played in the Arab Spring protests.

Speaking at the e-G8 summit of digital leaders in Paris, Zuckerberg spoke of the protests that saw revolutions occur in Tunisia and Egypt and many other Arab nations revolt against ruling regimes.

Facebook and Twitter have been credited as catalysts for the protests by enabling greater communication and ease of organisation, but Zuckerberg has backed away from taking credit.


"Facebook was neither necessary nor sufficient for any of those things to happen," he told the forum.

"It would be extremely arrogant for any specific technology company to claim credit.

"People are now having the opportunity to communicate, that's not a Facebook thing. That's an Internet thing."

The revolution in Egypt back saw one proud father name his daughter Facebook as a tribute to the impact made in ousting long-standing president Hosni Mubarak.