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Oxford Uni fines students for Facebook photos

Oxford University is fining students for putting over-exuberant photos on Facebook . Tradition dictates that after finishing their exams, students throw flour, eggs or even champagne over each other to celebrate.

The Times ' Patrick Foster explains the case of 21-year-old Alex Hill, who received an email from the university saying she had acted "disorderly". Three Facebook pictures of her covered in shaving foam were used as evidence for the accusation.

"I thought my privacy settings were such that only students could see my pictures," she said.

It's likely Hill had the default option enabled which means photos are visible to anyone in your network - in this case, everybody signed up to Facebook at Oxford University. The lessons are clear: set your privacy settings so that only your friends can see your photos.

Martin McCluskey, president of the University's Student Union, said he believes "the university's use of private photos from the Facebook site in disciplinary procedures is disgraceful".

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