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Facebook is getting better at weeding out News Feed spam

Facebook may become a little more pleasant

For a lot of Facebook users logging on and checking the News Feed has become less about catching up with friends than about being bombarded with low quality posts that make outlandish claims in the hopes poor suckers will click on them.

Now Facebook is doing something about it: reducing the distribution of these posts and adding an annotation to posts that have been flagged by users as hoaxes.

Facebook Software Engineer Erich Owens and Research Scientist Udi Weinsberg note in the site's announcement that they're not removing the stories and that the company itself does not review posts' contents for accuracy.

But by flagging offending posts as false Facebook users can start to weed out the trash clogging up their News Feeds and get back to what the social network is supposed to be about: connecting with friends and loved ones through technology.

"The goal of News Feed is to catch up with your friends and find the things that matter to you," the announcement reads. "We're always looking to people on Facebook to tell us how we can improve this experience."