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Bing UK to get 'changing pictures' feature

Microsoft bringing Bing UK up to speed
Microsoft bringing Bing UK up to speed

Bing, Microsoft's new search engine, is tweaking up in the UK, with news that it is to get changing pictures – bringing it more in line with the feature-rich US version of the service.

In an interview with Windows: The Official Magazine, Paul Stoddard, Consumer and Online UK Search Lead explained the latest feature: "Bing UK is to get the same changing pictures as the US. There will be a new picture every day, with added details, and the ability to go back through the week's images.

"We have just employed a photo editor for Bing and his sole job will be choosing images for the site. We didn't want to go live with this until we had the right person for the job."

The added details he is talking about is the little squares that appear on the US page – kind of like Easter eggs, with interesting info about the picture of the day.


Stoddard also explained in the interview: "We're passionate about Bing, and this shows we're serious. We're now in control of our home page, and we will have the independence to choose our images.

"On St David's Day we can use relevant images and if Andy Murray won Wimbledon, then we could have done something with that. We now have that flexibility."

When asked whether this was a money-making scheme by Microsoft, Stoddard replied: "We're never going to monetise this. We simply want people to enjoy these images, and then want to come back and use Bing."