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Intel HD pitched at World of Warcraft and casual games

WoW - a huge audience but low-end graphics demands
WoW - a huge audience but low-end graphics demands

It appears that Intel's integrated graphic processor will be targeted at World of Warcraft and Bejewelled players rather than the hardcore gamers, with a slide from the company outlining the strategy for the 'Intel HD'.

Integrating the graphics processor into the CPU is going to be a key theme through 2010, with cheaper solutions for the consumer likely to flourish.

An image leaked at and reported on Tom's Hardware shows off the target audience of what is termed Intel HD.

Discrete choice

In fairness, the top level gamers are unlikely to be particularly dismayed by the news; Intel's much vaunted Larrabee graphics ideas have been shelved already, and it is Nvidia and AMD's ATI that have the lion's share of the market.

By targeting casual and mainstream gamers – as it terms them – Intel will not need to compete with the raw power that is emerging in DirectX 11 cards, although the basic level that people expect is likely to continue to grow.

Of course, more news will almost certainly surface at CES 2010, with Intel planning a whole raft of announcements.