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Xbox One is bringing games to HoloLens


Today at GDC 2015, Microsoft pledged the future of HoloLens to gaming as it confirmed that it will be bringing games to the headset through Xbox One.

"Gaming and entertainment is going to be critical" for HoloLens, said Xbox boss Phil Spencer. Microsoft considers HoloLens as a massive platform for games that will be built across Xbox One and Windows 10.

"We see this as a full Windows 10 device with holographic capability," added Spencer, who also mentioned that the HoloLens APIs will be made available with Windows 10 gaming SDK.

As far as what we'll end up seeing available on HoloLens through the Xbox One, it's anyone's guess. However, Spencer did make it clear that some hefty first-party muscle is behind the initiative. It's very possible that we could see the likes of Master Chief through the AR headset in the future.