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So how do A-Ha score on Xbox 360's 'Lips'?

Lips - coming November 21
Lips - coming November 21

Microsoft is showing off 'Lips' - its karaoke game for the Xbox 360 - and to illustrate the title, A-Ha's lead singer Morten Harket was brought in to perform.

Singing perhaps the band's biggest hit 'Take on me' at a European Xbox event, TechRadar was interested to see just how well the Scandinavian star did.

So, just how highly did Harket score singing his own song (and with his earpieces in to add that little slice of professionalism)?

Scores on the doors

We can exclusively reveal that the A-Ha man scored a pretty darn awesome score of 2,514,631.

To put that in some kind of context, a couple of games journalists who will remain unnamed scored less than one million.

Saying that, one intrepid TechRadar reporter managed to score a not-rubbish score of 1.9m for his rendition of Fake Plastic Trees.

Lips is coming to Xbox 360 on 21 November and offers the intriguing option of letting you use your own music to sing along to.

But for Morten, he'll just have to hope that nobody can outscore him now that he's set the benchmark on his own song.