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Microsoft's virtual reality plans still 'well behind' Oculus Rift

Morpheus has the lead for now

Don't hold out for Microsoft to unveil its answer to the Oculus Rift any time soon.

A source familiar with the matter has told TechRadar that Microsoft is working on virtual reality, but it's still in the "early stages" and "well behind" behind Oculus VR and Sony right now.

Details are scarce, but it's not really a secret that Microsoft is investing research into this area.

However, understandably, it's probably not the company's priority right now: it's still getting the Xbox One off the ground, while rumoured company job cuts are probably detracting a lot of attention from other areas.

Double offensive

As rumours of the Xbox headset began picking up earlier this year, there were hopes that we'd see Microsoft's VR venture at E3.

Microsoft already has a number of advantages over rivals when it come to VR potential. It can target both PC and console, while the new Kinect could potentially work quite well with VR, letting us ditch the controller and keyboard for a more immersive experience.

All we're saying is: Titanfall VR with motion-based Titan control.