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Guinness names Pac-Man as most recognised gaming icon

Pac-Man - gets mobbed on the street
Pac-Man - gets mobbed on the street

The latest Guinness Book of Records has named Pac-Man the most recognisable computer game character of all time, edging out rival Mario by the narrowest of margins.

Pac-Man is certainly one of the most iconic figures in gaming history, and this has now been confirmed by Guinness, which recognises the yellow circle with a mouth as number one.

This is based on a US survey which suggests that 94 per cent recognised the character; that's even more impressive when you realise that less would recognise President Obama.

It'sa me!

Incredibly, 93 per cent could pick out Nintendo's Mario as well – with the Italian plumber who started out as Jump-Man back in Donkey Kong clearly a major figure in the public consciousness.

Pac-Man was created in Japan by Namco, and first made it to the US in 1980 after the game was licensed to Midway.