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Sources say next Xbox due before 2013 holiday season

Xbox 720
Get a new Xbox for year

The next Microsoft gaming console - otherwise known as the Xbox - will arrive before the 2013 holidays.

This is according to Bloomberg sources "familiar with the companies plans."

The device, likely called the Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity, is apparently planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas sales.

We could see the new 'Box at a standalone event or at an industry shindig like June's E3, the sources noted.

Fun and games

All signs have pointed to the next Xbox arriving by Christmas 2013, so the news is really no surprise.

While a year seems like a long way off, the Xbox 360 is still selling incredibly well, with 750,000 copies flying off shelves around the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.

Those number trounced opening figures for Nintendo's Wii U, though 400,000 isn't a figure to scoff at.

Microsoft better watch out during its launch, though: we could see Sony bring a PlayStation 4 join the holiday fun.

Via Bloomberg