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R2D2/C3PO-themed Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 console unveiled

Star Wars
Join the rebellion with this custom Star Wars Xbox bundle

There have been many special edition Xbox 360 consoles over the years but surely none as cool as the offering Microsoft just unveiled for the Kinect Star Wars game bundle?

The awesome Limited Edition R2DT console, complete with C3PO-style gold controller, went on show to massive geek acclaim at the Comic Con expo in San Diego on Thursday.

The bundled-in Kinect peripheral will also come in a custom shade of Stormtrooper white.

It not just a looker though. When you power-up the console or open the disc tray, it will produce custom C3PO sound-effects. Outstanding.

Saber duel

The special edition is in honour of the Kinect Star Wars game due out later this year, which will see controller-less light saber battles between your favourite characters and much more.

The bundle comes complete with a 320GB console, the Kinect peripheral and Xbox 360 control pad, along with a copy of Star Wars Kinect, exclusive DLC, a wired headset and a copy of Kinect Adventures.

This sure-to-be-massively popular bundle is now available to pre-oder from participating retailers in the US for the galaxy sized price of $449.

via RipTen