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Sapphire announces Vapor-X HD 6850

Sapphire announces Vapor-X HD 6850
Lookin' good

Hong Kong technology company Sapphire has slapped its proprietary Vapor-X technology onto an overclocked AMD Radeon HD 6850 graphics card, according to a release from the company.

The card ships with clock speeds boosted to 800Mhz for the processor, and 1100Mhz for the memory, which Sapphire says gives users "a considerable boost in performance."

To cope with the overclocked clocks, Sapphire has added a Vapor-X cooler to the card. This uses the laws of thermodynamics and evaporation to cool the card with liquid in a sealed chamber.

Sapphire's Vapor-X technology was first introduced in 2007, and we've been rather impressed with it - it seems to actually work.

As well as the dark arts of Vapor-X, Sapphire has included 10-phase power control, black diamond chokes and its TriXX software for overclocking.

To Eyefinity and beyond

On the back of the card lurk the standard double-DVI ports, as well as one HDMI and two mini DisplayPort connectors. If you're lucky enough to have four monitors, these can be connected to the DVI and DisplayPort connectors for eye-popping Eyefinity vision.

It also supports DirectX 11 with hardware features such as an enhanced tessellation unit, HDR texture compression and 3D stereoscopic support.

The Sapphire Vapor-X HD 6850 has a UK release date of September, with its price to be confirmed.