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Cooler Master unveils quieter CPU cooler

Cooler Master - big fan
Cooler Master - big fan

Taiwan component manufacturer Cooler Master has announced the Hyper 612S CPU cooling solution, which is compatible with Intel and AMD processors.

The cooler features a modular design, which means an additional 120mm fan can be added to the heatsink, which results in an extra-chilly processor.

Cooler Master reckons that the cooler is nice and quiet, too, thanks to six copper heat pipes. This layout crosses the CPU's "hot spots", effectively results 12 "virtual" heat pipes. It also includes a "silent mode adapter", which makes the 612S even quieter without sacrificing too much cooling.

Quick removal

In addition, the 612S includes a bracket which clips over your processor and means the fan and heatsink can be removed "within seconds". This makes the annual removal of matted clods of dust from your cooler far easier.

The aluminium fins have also been optimised, resulting in a massive surface area. The fan's life is estimated at 40,000 hours, and the whole thing weighs a whopping 806 grams.

It's interesting that Cooler Master hasn't taken the completely fanless approach of NoFan, of which we're big fans. However, the Hyper 612S could be a good option for overclockers, or people simply wanting to build a PC that doesn't sound like a 747 taking off.

The Hyper 612S has a UK release date of September, and will be priced at £39.95.