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BlackBerry Key2 teaser video reveals dual-lens camera and a mysterious button

BlackBerry has already confirmed that it’s going to be announcing the BlackBerry Key2 on June 7 and now it has revealed a bit more about the phone, with an official teaser video showing off its dual-lens camera.

The brief video also shows a dual-LED flash and the right edge of the BlackBerry Key2, which houses several keys – likely the volume rocker, power button and convenience key.

We also catch a glimpse of part of the keyboard, complete with a new button at the bottom right corner next to the ‘sym’ key. It’s unknown what this is for, but there’s speculation that it could launch the app drawer, and it popped up previously in some leaked renders, so it's likely that those are accurate.

Built for typing

There’s not much else to the video, but you can see that the BlackBerry Key2 has a textured back and that the rows of keys are quite well spaced out, which should make typing more comfortable.

No specs are revealed, but rumors point to a Snapdragon 660 chipset, 4GB or 6GB of RAM and Android 8.1, so it sounds like an upper mid-range phone, just like the BlackBerry KeyOne before it. We’ll know for sure soon.

Via PocketLint