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Apex Legends Battle Pass: price, release date and roadmap

Ready for battle

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Apex Legends is now in its fifth season and fans are naturally clamouring for a new season pass into which they can invest their time and reap exclusive rewards. 

Season 5 began on May 12 2020, bringing with it new challenges and new items to unlock. 

Named ‘Fortune's Favor’, Apex Legends’ new Battle Pass has launched alongside a brand new Legend: Loba; a new season-long quest; and, most importantly, a few changes to Kings Canyon. 

Just like in previous Seasons, the Battle Pass for Season 5 allows you to unlock rewards with each level you climb, up to level 110. But of course each Season has its own distinct skins and items to unlock. 

Here's everything you need to know about Apex Legends’ Season 5 Battle Pass. 

Apex Legends Battle Pass: what is it?

The Apex Legends Battle Pass grants access to numerous rewards that can be unlocked via XP earned throughout playing the game. It’s essentially an incentive to retain players, while helping to keep long-term players invested in the experience. There’s a free version of the pass that will unlock rewards as well as a premium version that gifts users a bigger variety of in-game items.

Those that purchase the pass can receive over 100 items from playing the game, including skins, banners, taunts, in-game currency and more. The setup is similar to Fortnite as each level brings with it a bonus of some sort. The max level caps out at 110.

Players also have the option to level up their battle passes by 25 levels at any time during the season through the Battle Pass Bundle. Positioned as a shortcut to jump to level 25 from the beginning, it’s actually a better strategy to hold off until the last few days and claim the higher tier prizes with whatever level you’ve reached. Players can only purchase up to level 100, with the final 10 levels having to be earned through play time. 

Apex Legends Battle Pass: how much does it cost?

The premium Battle Pass costs 950 Apex coins and the Battle Pass Bundle can be bought for 2,800 Apex coins. 1000 coins are priced at £7.99/ $9.99/ AU$11.95, with extra coins given for purchasing larger amounts of the currency. 

Items that are exclusive to a season's Battle Pass will disappear once the season ends and will not be available to unlock via any other method. 

It’s worth noting that players can earn Apex coins by progressing through the Battle Pass levels. There were a total of 1000 Apex coins up for grabs for those that played through season 1, for example, meaning that those who really do make the most of their Battle Pass could arguably earn enough coins to cover the cost of the Battle Pass for the next season.

Apex Legends Battle Pass: how long does it take to unlock everything?

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This really depends on your play style and whether you opt for the Battle Pass Bundle. 

In order to earn Battle Pass XP, you’ll need to complete a range of in-game daily and weekly challenges to earn stars. There will be three new daily challenges randomly assigned to each player every day that should be easy to complete quickly. 

In Season 3, a change was made to the distribution of Daily Challenges so that players receive a more balanced set of challenges each day, with one being marked easy, another medium and another hard. Players can also spend their Legend Tokens to change their Daily Challenges so that if you know there's one you're simply not going to be able to do, you can swap it out. One reroll costs 200 Tokens and the cost increases with each roll, capping out at 1000 Tokens. 

Each week, however, there are longer term challenges that are the same for every player and will unlock each week. There will also be another set of weekly challenges that are the same each week but will reset at the end of the week so you can complete them multiple times in a season. Each daily challenge completed will garner 3000 stars while three weekly challenges will get 9000 stars. 

These stars will combine with the XP you earn from simply playing the game to go towards meeting the threshold for unlocking a Battle Pass Level and the related rewards. 

This combination of daily and weekly challenges should make levelling up more varied and faster than it was all the way back in season 1. Many players are likely to welcome a reduced grind which was a target for criticism in the first season. 

Apex Legends Battle Pass: the good and the bad 

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The Apex Legends Battle Pass has been designed to keep players busy for the coming months with plenty of rewards. Those that purchase Season 5 get instant rewards in the form of Legendary Hemlock Retrofitted skin and three new Rare Legends skins when you pick up the Battle Pass. Unlocking more requires more effort. 

As you move through your Season 5 Battle Pass you'll be able to unlock lots more items including Music Packs, Loading Screens, Gun Charms, and Rare and Legendary items like the Fool's Gold Mirage, Sky Marshal Bangalore, and the Precision Caliber Reactive Wingman.

As far as free rewards outside of the premium Battle Pass are concerned, across the levels players are able to unlock the Huntswoman Loba skin, Five Apex Packs and Season 5 Win Trackers for all Legends

Now you see me....

Now you see me....

Apex Legends Battle Pass: is it worth picking up?

Given we’re still quite close to the start of season 5, this could be the right time to pick up the Battle Pass. Especially if you enjoyed what season 4 had to offer and you’re planning to plough a lot of hours into Apex Legends over the next few months.

If you come into the season a little later, however, you’ll still get all of the rewards up to your Battle Pass level for the season retroactively. So if you’re already on level 15 for the season when you buy the Battle Pass, you’ll unlock all rewards for every level up to 15.

It’s harder to decide if the Battle Pass is for you if you’re new to Apex Legends and aren’t quite sure how much time you can commit to the game. If that’s the case, it could be worth playing the game and testing it out but holding back on purchasing the premium pass until the next Season when you’ll be ready to give it your all. 

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