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The best Ring Fit Adventure prices and deals in April 2021

Ring Fit Adventure deals, sales, and prices
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The Ring Fit Adventure price usually stands at $79 / £64.99 / AU$125, but with the New Year underway, you'll likely find it cheaper than that if you shop around. Thankfully we've done all that for you, so you can focus your energy on those fitness resolutions. The Ring Fit Adventure price is perfectly skewed towards holiday gifts, making it a great accessory to pick up for someone who recently received a Nintendo Switch. 

Remember when Wii Fit was going to turn your Nintendo into a personal trainer? Ring Fit Adventure will do the opposite with your Switch. Instead of turning your game console into an everyday gym session, Ring Fit Adventure gamifies workouts with a surprisingly in-depth RPG world. For less than the original Wii Fit price, Ring Fit Adventure offers a brand new Ring-Con and Leg-Strap to slot your Joy-Cons into and track your real-world action and transform them into your onscreen protagonist's movements. 

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cheap nintendo ring fit adventure prices deals

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Ring Fit Adventure uses your physical movements to progress through a lush game world, attacking enemies, restoring health and eventually defeating an evil bodybuilding dragon, all through simple exercises completed through the peripheral hardware. Plus, you can use the Ring-Con without your Nintendo Switch present to get some exercises in before syncing your progress with the game later. 

Ring Fit Adventure deals aren't going to be abundant straight away. The title is only just out the gate and Nintendo aren't ones for discounting their software. Nevertheless, this is a new(ish) foray into a wider audience that Nintendo is potentially looking to target for Christmas sales, which means that Ring Fit Adventure price might not look so stable in the coming months after all.

What is the Ring Fit Adventure price? 

The Ring Fit Adventure price is $79 / £64.99 / AU$125 so make sure you don't pay above those prices for the game and hardware together.

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