Harry Potter TV remake, It prequel series, and DC's Lanterns show are now HBO Originals but don't worry, they're still coming to Max

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If you’re excited for upcoming Max TV shows like the Harry Potter series as well as horror prequel Welcome to Derry and DC’s Lanterns, then there’s been a small shakeup that you’ll want to know about: all these titles will be branded as HBO Originals instead of Max Originals.

While you’ll still be able to stream the shows on Max, the HBO Original branding means that they’re now guaranteed to run on the linear network alongside their premiere on Max, so fans tuning in on cable can watch as well as those subscribed to one of the best streaming services.

Variety reports that the network is looking at keeping both Sunday and Thursday as original series nights for the channel, where it is expected these will air at prime times. Release dates for these shows are still unconfirmed, but rest assured, they’re all going ahead at HBO and will be streaming on Max.

However, it will be a while before these changes are fully implemented as they’ll be coming into effect with shows launching in 2025. For example, shows like The Penguin and Dune: Prophecy are still expected to be called Max Originals.

Why have these series been changed to HBO Originals?

Explaining the reason to Variety, HBO’s CEO Casey Bloys said that it came down to having a clear distinction between what is an “HBO show” and a “Max show”.

"We felt like we had to delineate between an HBO show and a Max show," he revealed. "The idea of using Warner Bros. IP as a delineation for Max felt right. At least that gives you a clear lane. But as we started producing those shows, we were using the same methods, the same kind of thinking, as how we would approach HBO shows. In a lot of cases, the same talent that has worked on HBO shows."

"For a show that feels big and cinematic, they already are going to make the assumption that it feels like an HBO show," He added. "This is just leaning into that."

Other HBO Originals over the years include hits like Game of Thrones and its spinoff House of the Dragon, as well as videogame adaptation The Last of Us, so it appears the network is trying to showcase the HBO name by adding other big shows to its growing list of original content. 

Meanwhile, Max Originals have included titles like Tokyo Vice, The Staircase and Peacemaker, so it seems plans are being made for viewers to easily differentiate between the two.

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