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As we mentioned earlier, there's very little different between the current iPhone 3GS and the previous 3G model, a little disappointing given we were expecting anything from a new iPhone nano to a matte black model with anti-slip coating and no bezel.

The one major upgrade is the new smear free screen, which we're pleased to see works very well. It's properly dubbed an oleophobic coating, with oleo being the Greek for oil/ grease/ the remnants of an XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger meal with Supersize fries.

One aesthetic criticism of the old iPhone was the fact that this grease stuck to it within seconds, meaning the device everyone loves to touch was a CSI's best friend in minutes.

The iphone 3g s

But the new coating lives up to its billing, with a swift wipe on the jeans clearing the screen of all residue.

While most of you may be familiar with the layout and feel of the iPhone chassis, we'll just run through it for those that have never set foot in an Apple store or been tempted to fiddle with a workmate's device.

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The iphone 3g s

The screen is a 3.5-inch HVGA widescreen effort, using a capacitive touch display. This essentially means that you can't use a stylus (as it uses electricity conducted from the fingertip) but gives a more responsive screen.

The screen resolution can be firmly categorised as a question of taste. On the one hand images look sharp and clear, on the other, we're being told by more and more manufacturers of rival phones (for instance the newly announced Samsung Jet) that this resolution simply isn't good enough for our media needs.

The iphone 3g s

We'll cover video performance in greater depth, but to us the screen seems fine and certainly fit for purpose.

There's a switch for placing the phone in silent above the rocker volume controls, as well as two speakers at the bottom near the port. Power on and off at the top also acts as a 'hold' switch to lock down the screen, and we're also treated to a 3.5mm headphone jack for funsies.

The layout of the phone is nicely structured (given the immense size to accommodate the screen) although you will have to move your fingers around as all the buttons aren't in easy reach.

The iphone 3g s

It ranks well alongside the likes of the Palm Pre and the HTC Magic. Since the first iPhone was released Apple hasn't been bettered in the touchscreen stakes, which is a marvellous accolade. It showed the mass public just how simple touch technology can be.

The iphone 3g s

Thankfully, the rivals are finally catching up, with both the Pre and the Magic sporting great touchscreen examples as well, but Apple deserves top spot simply for coming in and showing an industry how it's done.