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Video recording on the HTC Desire X is another area where we're a little disappointed, with the handset only capable of shooting 800 x 480 film.

This resolution isn't the end of the world, and while it'll look fine on the Desire X's 4-inch display, nearly all the competition offer up a better video recording experience.

HTC Desire X review

The Samsung Galaxy S Advance and HTC One V both record at 720p, while the Orange San Diego and Sony Xperia P offer up full HD, 1080p video.

The camcorder app is bundled in with the camera, and you don't even need to toggle between the two modes, with a record button located directly below the camera shutter, making it easier and quicker to start filming.

HTC Desire X review

Options for the video recorder are few and far between, with effects out of the question and just ISO and white balance available to play with.

A couple of positive points on the video recorder – you can toggle the light on and off and use the zoom while recording, two things a lot of handsets don't allow you to do, so it's good to see HTC offering these on the Desire X.

HTC Desire X review

Video quality, as you may expect, isn't brilliant, especially when played on a large screen such as a computer of TV.

The Desire X is acceptable for filming a mate performing Gangnam Style in a club, but we wouldn't recommend it for anyone wanting to capture quality footage.