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Fujitsu P55XHA51WSB review

It's no surprise that Fujitsu’s 55in plasma monitor is a CI fave

The P55XHA51WSb is aimed squarely at the higher-end of the CI market

Our Verdict

A brilliant plasma with some impressive capabilities, if the price and resolution don't put you off


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Twin HDMI inputs


  • Underwhelming black levels
  • No in-built tuner
  • 1366x768 resolution

Plasma pioneer Fujitsu is the brand of choice for most of the custom install industry. By positioning itself away from the hurly-burly of most TV high-street action, it's managed to protect itself from the chaos of falling prices.

But a consequence is that it's probably not the first brand most of us think of when we think PDP - a shame, as Fujitsu has produced some very nice displays over the years.

The 55in P55XHA51WSb is once again aimed squarely at the higher-end of the CI market. Here such 'niceties' as a built-in tuner and Scarts are far from obligatory, and for most buyers price isn't an issue. Perhaps that's appropriate, as this plasma comes in at around £3,500.

The good news is that this is one of the brand's best big-screens to date.


* Fujitsu's AVM II image processing engine helps to deliver excellent fine-detailing and greyscaling subtleties.

* Motion-handling can be considered excellent, with scarcely any blurring of moving objects.

* A second HDMI input is a welcome addition to this screen's previous incarnation, and the twin component jacks will prove useful for those with a lot of kit.


* The lack of an in-built tuner, RF or Scart input limits its versatility.

* The 1366 x 768 resolution might disappoint those shopping at this price point.

* Stand, wall-mount and speakers are not included.

* The black level response is distinctly average - a real black mark for a plasma panel