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Xbox One platform to get mixed reality headsets in 2018

(Image credit: Xbox)

Alongside its announcement that it would be shipping its Windows 10 VR headsets later this month, Microsoft has also announced that it will be bringing mixed reality headsets to its Xbox One and Project Scorpio consoles. 

Although Project Scoprio is due to launch in late 2017, support for these mixed reality headsets won't be arriving until 2018 - which suggests we'll be waiting some time to try out the new technology. 

Multiple options

Thankfully, Xbox One owners won't be limited to just one headset. Instead the console will support all Windows Mixed Reality headsets, which include models from Lenovo, Dell, Acer and HP. 

Microsoft is currently playing catch-up to Sony, which launched its own VR headset, PlayStation VR last year. 

However with the choice of mixed reality or virtual reality, not to mention having many more models of headset available, Microsoft might end up having the edge over Sony in breadth if not in depth.