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Microsoft's Photosynth launches; then falls over

Microsoft's Photosynth struggles
Microsoft's Photosynth struggles

Photosynth, the product of a few creative lunches and some time in Microsoft's secret development lair, launched yesterday. Then promptly crashed.

The developers were forced to make the site read-only on the first day, meaning thousands of would be 'synthers' were unable to show off their early creations.

Apparently the sheer volume of users meant the site crumbled under the weight, reportedly causing the server to need resetting a number of times.

Positive spin

However, the chaps from Redmond put a positive spin on the situation in their blog:

"Getting ready for the launch we did massive amounts of performance testing, built capacity model after capacity model, and yet with all of that, you threw so much traffic our way that we need to add more capacity.

"We are adding that extra horsepower right now and should be back up shortly."

So, under-ready or under-estimated? It's hard to believe the new project was deluged with users as it's likely to confuse the average Joe in the street when he reads about the need to 'overlap' pictures and shoot in a variety of angles.

However, who hasn't always wanted to take an internet tour of the Taj Mahal?