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World's fastest memory beats PS3 & Xbox 360

Samsung's new GDDR5 is the world's fastest memory chip

Samsung has announced that it has developed a new record-breaking GDDR5 graphics memory chip. Capable of transferring data at speeds in excess of 24 gigabytes per second, it's the fastest computer memory in the world.

The chip is four times faster than the GDDR3 memory currently used in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games consoles. It will enable a new generation of graphics chips to deliver ever-more realistic graphics in future video games.

Next-gen memory

Samsung's GDDR5, which will be introduced at a density of 512 Mbit (16Mb x 32) chips, will operate at 1.5 volts, representing a 20 per cent improvement in power consumption over current GDDR3 chips.

"We're pushing image enhancement to a limit never before realised, enabling the smoothest, clearest animation that gamers have yet to experience," said Mueez Deen, marketing director at Samsung.

"Samsung's 512Mb GDDR5 will enable the kind of graphics hardware performance that will spur software developers to deliver a new level of eye-popping games," he said.

Samsung expects that GDDR5 memory chips will become the de facto standard in the top performing segment of the market by capturing more than 50 per cent of the high-end PC graphics market by 2010.